Boost online reputation: Healthgrades case study

People are increasingly going online to search for and choose their healthcare providers. Data shows that 84% of new patients research a doctor before deciding on a physician (Status Labs). Physicians and hospitals with strong online reputations should continually capture patient volume and market share.

With this in mind, Force built a pathway to direct happy patients to complete HealthGrades reviews. This pathway had a positive influence on the number of reviews and overall physician scores on online review sites.

Screenshot 2018-09-12 15.34.15.png

All patients of the nine participating surgeons were prompted at 12 weeks to rate procedural satisfaction within the Force platform. 805 patients (89.4 avg patients / surgeon) reported “very satisfied” and were directed to Healthgrades, the leading healthcare review website. An average of 71.3 patients / surgeon clicked into Healthgrades. Force direction to Healthgrades yielded positive effects on overall physician score (+8%), number of 5-star ratings (+49%), and total number of physician reviews (+50%).

Giving physicians and hospital executives control over their online reputation boosts their consumer appeal and marketability. Investing and prioritizing online reputation can and will have long term impacts on the success of an organization.

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