Age is not a barrier to implementing virtual care

Scaling the patient-provider relationship and navigating patients with technology, rather than hiring additional full time employees, is the most efficient and effective way to manage patient care remotely.

A question we often hear is, "Will my older patients actually use technology?"

After monitoring patient interaction with Force's digital navigation platform, we found that patients engage with the platform at a similar frequency, regardless of age.

Younger patients tend to use Force primarily as a communication tool to stay in touch with their Care Team and ask questions. Patients between the ages of 60-89, however, primarily use Force to view videos which reinforces critical information from their Care Team.

Screenshot 2018-09-12 15.28.48.png

These findings suggest that, regardless of age, digital care may be a viable solution for you and your patients as healthcare moves towards value. All organizations who have deployed Force with their patients have seen increased engagement and reduced variation in cost and complications.

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